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Scrunchies for Vanda

Scrunchies. Masks. Brain Cancer Research.

About 5 months ago, a group of Boardman girls started Scrunchies for Vanda. A small business that sells their scrunchies and face masks through Instagram and their website with 100% of the profits going towards Brain Cancer Research. A few days ago, I was able to talk to Jess Knickerbocker about what their drive was to start their small business.

Last April, 2018, Jess’s mom was diagnosed with Stage 3 Astrocytoma (one of the 120+ types brain cancer). After talking to doctors and getting more involved with others battling similar illnesses, Jess discovered an annual 5K that also donated profits to Brain Cancer Research. After learning and meeting people in the cancer support communities, Jess wanted to do more to help her community and loved ones along with bringing more light to this heavy topic. Jess, along with her friends Caroline Buchenic, Abby and Emily Evans, started making scrunchies to sell to friends and family and their little business started taking off. Since COVID, they have also started making masks that you can purchase in a variety of prints and colors. In the past few months they have raised over $1,700 with a goal of $3,000 by October 3rd for the annual Head for the Cure event.

Check out their Instagram to support these amazing girls and the cause that they are so passionate about!

If you would like more information about Head for the Cure taking place in Cleveland this fall, please check out the link to support and donate :

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