Thank you, thank you all so much. Seriously. When we hosted the first Block Party in 2018, we spent maybe a month total organizing the event, and we felt so much love from the community that, almost immediately, we decided; "Well, we have to do another." We have been working on The Block Party 2019 for six months, and as the team grew, the ideas grew, and the event grew. This letter is coming to you the day after our 2019 event, and again, we have been blown away by the love and support we received from all of you. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel, and the experience we all got to share together in 2019 only makes us more excited for 2020. Youngstown, we love you. We do this for you.


Mike Caraballo · Sam DiGiacomo

Alison Green · Cristian Labra

Ethan Ngo · Danny Svenson


“THE BLOCK PARTY”, a hip-hop/rap festival held in Downtown Youngstown, hosted by The Neighborhood LLC. We bring the community together one day every summer to showcase some of the best up & coming artists, musicians, brands & merchants. Our friends at The Soap Gallery gave a home to our feel good BYOB event, and helped us set a great foundation in 2018. After two years, the event is growing rapidly, with ambitious plans for 2020.