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Mark Ringold, a.k.a, krypto.divine, created a sound that comes right from his name: divine. Being submerged in music from a young age, and with a knack for creative writing, krypto found his true love for music in hip-hop. As a writer, beat-maker, free-styler, and rapper, his three Studio Session songs are nothing but well-thought-out, versatile, and...divine.

102 : He began the session with his song 102, taking the listener through easily relatable feelings. He showcases that none of us have anything to prove to others, just to ourselves.

OVER due : For his second song, notably one of his, and his fan's favorites, OVER due strikes another relatable chord. Focusing on the act of putting out and sharing his music, after keeping them for so long, it was much OVER due.

Like I : The newest of the three songs (not yet released!) is where krypto's penmanship really shines. Being more bar-heavy and lyrical than the first two songs,

It was great to have krypto.divine in the studio! We can't wait for you to check out his live video and hopefully catch him performing a live show near you very soon. Find out about his new music and upcoming shows first by clicking here.

Set List:

  • "102"

  • "OVER due"

  • "Like I"


  • Krypto.divine

Studio Team:

  • Danny Svenson, Bearcave Recording: Producer, Mix Engineer, Director

  • Alison Green: Videographer

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