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Whats Smoking at Lightners?

“When I get complimented on my service, I tell customers that it never goes to my head. I tell them it goes straight to my heart. You speak right to it,”


Lightner’s Fresh and Smoked Meats officially opened its doors on January 12, 2018; however, the recipes and craft stretch over the course of four generations of families. He is a fourth generation kielbasa chef and the son of a beef farmer. By taking what he learned growing up around beef and combining it with his family’s rich Slovak and Hungarian heritage, Lightner’s has brought back a way of butchering that most would not expect today. By taking more than 7 years to ensure all equipment, recipes and location would allow him to give customers exactly what they deserve. His family’s cultural history serves as the inspiration behind this butcher shop and customers will never leave without a good conversation and the upmost satisfaction.


Lightner’s has a wide selection of sausages, chorizo, steaks, hot dogs, bratwursts and chickens & more. No order is impossible for this business, what you want is what you get.

His business is all about customization and tradition. Owner William Lightner goes out of his way to ensure all meat is of high quality, free of antibiotics and byproducts and grinds all of his meats in shop.

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