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Welcome to The Neighborhood. Birthed from the annual street festival, The Block Party, The Neighborhood is a small yet passionate team of hometown friends looking to expand the reach of the northeast Ohio music and art scene. We are a team of like-minded individuals all with an undeniable desire to see Youngstown continue to do better.

What started as a way to simply bring a few artists and friends together downtown at the Soap Gallery for a day of music, alcohol and socializing has now grown to a passion… A neighborhood of friends, family, artists and local businesses looking to make an impact in our community. We planted the seed but it's the city of Youngstown and the amazing people and businesses that reside here that make our visions & ideas a reality to help what we started continue to grow. Over the next week we will be giving special recognition to all who help make this special day happen. Keep your eyes out for posts to come and please support and thank them as we gather July 10th!

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