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That's a Wrap

Another year is in the books before we roll the end credits. We just want to give our sincerest thank you‘s to the city of Youngstown and the people that come out and support The Block Party every year. At the end of the day you guys are the ones that make this possible. The fact you guys could be anywhere you want to be on this one special day but choose to be with us year in and year out means the world to us. Lastly and most importantly another huge thank you to all of our sponsors who help us tie it all together to provide the opportunity to showcase these artists who earn the right to be in the spotlight. If we ask one more thing of you guys until next year it will be to check out the links to all of the people who help make this possible and show them love anyway you can.

Ely's To Go

West Side Bowl

Penguin City Brewing Company

The Soap Gallery

Common Goods Studio

Youngstown City Scape

Second Nature Landscaping Services Inc.

Mahoning County Society of St. Vincent de Paul

The Block Party 2021 - Spotify Playlist

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