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Madame Marlowe: Studio Session 02

'I feel like we are really starting to find our sound now..' Krista, lead vocalist of Madame Marlowe stated before diving into their 3-song live session at Bearcave Recording.

Beginning the Studio Session with their song "Mother Mother", it's very evident that their sound is exactly what they found. While "Mother Mother" will have you stopped in your tracks, hanging on to each note, their second song, "Dosvidanya" will have you dancing along with the band. Finishing the set with their song "Mine", you truly see how well-rounded Madame Marlowe is. Bringing in guitar and bass players, Devin and Eric, on background vocals, "Mine" will be stuck in your head for the rest of the week.

Coming from many different musical backgrounds and being influenced by folk, rock, blues, and funk, Madame Marlowe expertly arranges their songs to feel unique, organic, and original. It was an honor to have them with us. If you liked them recorded, you will love them live; stay up-to-date on their shows, music, and more on their Instagram.

Set List:

  • "Mother Mother"

  • "Dosvidanya"

  • "Mine"


  • Krista: Lead vocals and guitar

  • Eric: Bass

  • Steve: Drums

  • Devin: Guitar

Studio Team:

  • Danny Svenson, Bearcave Recording: Producer, Mix Engineer, Director

  • Alison Green: Videographer

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