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Kaleidoscope Designs

Who doesn't love fun, quirky earrings?

Whether you are a stud queen or a dangly earring lover, Toni Triglia of Kaleidoscope Designs has you covered. Her work is not only designed by her but also handmade from clay, which makes it nickel-free, light weight, and easy to wear!

Kaleidoscope Designs was created in August of 2019 by Toni Triglia out of Youngstown, OH, just a few months after having the love of her life, her son, Quinn. Prior to the creation of her company, she was seeing ads on ads for clay earrings and decided to start making her own as a personal project and outlet. After getting requests for her art from family and friends, it quickly became a second love for her, as well as a passion to continue creating more designs. As Toni received more and more orders she decided to make an Instagram page to showcase her work. After taking a short hiatus to evaluate where she wanted her fast growing company to go, she came back after a few months with incredible new designs and styles including a new brand new halloween collection!

At the end of the day, Tonis motivation is giving her customers a beautiful product that they can feel confident and comfortable wearing. Keep an eye out for Toni at fleas around the area and check out Kaleidoscope Designs on Instagram for more photos and content. Shop Local!

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