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! Art with Michelle Gabriel !

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Imagine being 7 years old again. What stickers did you like? Cartoon characters? Art?

Do you have an emotional attachment to Adventure Time Characters?

This feeling is what fun-loving, Youngstown based artist, Michelle Gabriel embodies with her work. Gathering inspiration from the world, tv cartoons and people around her, her creations are something that makes everyone smile.

Starting college planning for a future Biology and Physiology, Michelle quickly realized that art was where her heart belonged and became active in the YSU art scene while keeping up with classes and her own projects. She graduated from YSU with a major in graphic design and continues to do freelance work, but her goal is to open a shop for her work and work from other creators.

Checking out her Etsy Shop, you'll see a collection of pins, stickers, prints, hands-on foldable crafts and even fortunes. Out of her current projects, one her favorites and most impressive are her Alphabet Letter Cards which run through A-Z showing hand-drawn doodles of animals. Another favorite would be her map of Lebanon where all of the proceeds are donated to villages in the country. With Michelles parents born and raised in Lebanon, they have a direct tie to those areas and villages that need support the most!

You can find all of Michelles work on Etsy , her Instagram Page! Shop Local and support your local artists!

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