To me The Neighborhood  is an outlet for any and all things that have the ability to bring people together. It’s made possible by network of people who truly care about the progression of our community and the impact artist can play in expanding both attention to our city and those whom make it function. I got involved by working with/talking to Danny about ideas on how to do this before any of this existed. He introduced me to some of his friends that helped Bear Cave run  and the rest is history. I thoroughly enjoy thrift shopping and  clothing in general it’s always been my little way of self expression.I listen to it too much music and I’m never comfortable unless I’m doing 1000 things at once



The Neighborhood is a project that I have gotten to be a part of from the beginning, and it has been super cool to see it grow into what its become. Before we had The Neighborhood, we were just a couple guys who wanted to throw a cool party for our friends, and now its something that takes up almost all of my free time, and I am pretty happy about that, although most of the time I just seem really stressed.



To me, The Neighborhood is an opportunity to work as a collective, to create positive atmospheres for our attendees and community. I initially was a party goer for the first year, but after seeing how much fun and passion (my now fellow coordinators) had for the event, I wanted to collab with them and help make the event the best it could be. After working with this group of amazing people for a year, I look forward to making annual events bigger and better and creating new events that everyone can enjoy.



The neighborhood to me is an outlet to help expand the reach of the arts and music community. Along with that, bringing people from all walks of life together. I got involved a few years ago with a couple of friends who all had the same vision of bringing people together in this community in a way we hadn’t ever experienced, but had always thought was possible. We wanted to have fun, and we wanted people to have fun with us. My favorite events have been the annual Block Party’s. Being a part of the progression and watching the growth of the event has been an absolute blessing. One that I will continue to cherish and use as motivation to contribute as much as I can to our family. I believe with enough continued hard work and obsession with finding a better way, there are no limits to what this group can achieve. I can fork my tongue, and I have a slight obsession with cooking videos.



The neighborhood to me is an opportunity for growth, community, and collaboration. At it’s core, this company has created experiences and relationships with every event hosted.  Being a musician it’s very humbling to be a part of an organization that continues to empower artists, push the limits of creativity, and involve the rust belt community in unique ways.  Although I initially joined the neighborhood because of friends and family, it Is the continued growth  of relationships, old and new, that has really made my involvement worthwhile.



The neighborhood is an opportunity for me to stay active within the community, and grow with my close friends, all at the same time. In the beginning, there were just four dudes in a parking lot. I was one of those dudes. The neighborhood’s future is bright. Every year we streamlined our process and execute stronger. With the passion present in the group, and with no stone unturned, I see nothing but expansion on our events and ideas for a long time. I have a sailing license that allows me to captain sailboats capable of holding up to 8 people, all by my lonesome. I also play in a lot of bands and produce!