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The Neighborhood is comprised of a rag-tag group of Youngstown natives who have a passion for creating memorable events. You can find the gang being sophisticated adults with full-time jobs by day, and event planners by night.

Coming with together with backgrounds ranging from audio engineering to sales to fashion design, The Neighborhood is a place for all to kick their feet up and enjoy the show. 

"To me The Neighborhood  is an outlet for any and all things that have the ability to bring people together."

- Mikey Caraballo (far right)

"The neighborhood is an opportunity for me to stay active within the community, and grow with my close friends, all at the same time."

Danny Svenson (red cowboy hat)

"To me, The Neighborhood is an opportunity to work as a collective, to create positive atmospheres for our attendees and community." 

-Alison Green (3nd from right)

"The neighborhood to me is an outlet to help expand the reach of the arts and music community. Along with that, bringing people from all walks of life together."

- Cristian Labra (2nd from right)

"The neighborhood to me is an opportunity for growth, community, and collaboration. At it’s core, this company has created experiences and relationships with every event hosted."

- David Labra (far left)

"Its something that takes up almost all of my free time, and I am pretty happy about that."

- Sam DiGiacomo (3rd from left)

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